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  • gyrectomy — /juy rek teuh mee/, n., pl. gyrectomies. Surg. excision of a cerebral gyrus. [1945 50; GYR(US) + ECTOMY] * * * …   Universalium

  • gyrectomy — Excision of a cerebral gyrus. [G. gyros, ring, + ektome, excision] * * * gy·rec·to·my jī rek tə mē n, pl mies surgical excision of a cerebral gyrus * * * gy·rec·to·my (ji rekґtə me) excision or resection of a cerebral gyrus, or of a portion… …   Medical dictionary

  • gyrectomy — n. surgical removal of the gyrus (part of the brain) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • gyrectomy — jīˈrektəmē noun ( es) Etymology: gyrus + English ectomy : excision of a cerebral gyrus …   Useful english dictionary

  • frontal gyrectomy — topectomy …   Medical dictionary

  • topectomy — to·pec·to·my tə pek tə mē n, pl mies surgical excision of selected portions of the frontal cortex of the brain esp. for the relief of medically intractable epilepsy * * * to·pec·to·my (to pekґtə me) [top + ectomy] ablation of a small and… …   Medical dictionary

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